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Elixirs Complete Course includes all four modules (sixteen units)


Get your herb-loving heart ready for a delicious dive into the world of elixirs!  We are taking you on a journey into plant medicine, psycho-active herbs, alchemy, ritual and materia medica. In16 learning units infused with beauty and insight, you will make a range of medicinal elixirs and learn not only the basics of elixir making, but the scientific, symbolic and formulatory nuances of this ancient herbal practice. This course is not just about making up a recipe, it’s about building the vision, skill and inner transmutation required to create your own elixirs, your way! 

This comprehensive course can be taken in two parts (Modules 1 and 2) or as a complete course (Modules 1-4) and it culminates in the preparation of a sacred herbal elixir. Steep yourself in the medicinal and personal transformation brought to life by this ancient herbal art.

This course is self paced, online and loving curated with instructional videos and plentiful resources. Learning resources include  fully downloadable 200 page PDF manual, recipes, recipe cards, monographs and materia medica and bottle labels. 

Level of experience required is: no prior learning required because all the basics of herbalism are covered. Any prior learning will aid understanding and skill development. 

There is a dedicated ‘Elixirs Herb Bundle‘ (pictured below) available for purchase with this course. Click here to purchase. 

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About the Instructors

Creator of the WMA, herbalist, naturopath, educator. For 15 years Sulin has operated a successful herbalism and naturopathy clinic in Sydney, Australia while also writing educational content and lecturing in accredited Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine programs both online and face to face. She is a trained Herbalist, Naturopath, Homeopath, Iridologist and Nutritionist and has post graduate qualification in Complementary Medicines Management.